Hideo Kojima (KONAMI) & Jean-François Rey (J.F.Rey)


On the occasion of the release of the new opus of Konami’s METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain, its game designer Hideo Kojima (Konami) and Jean--‐François Rey join to create an exceptional optical and sunglasses frames capsule collection. Creative, strong design and top of the range, this special edition promises to seduce the most faithful fans of both creators. Unexpected on the gaming scene, the collection is available on the eshop mgsv-jfrey.com and also on amazon.com/amazon.uk. A meeting both unlikely and very spontaneous between the two creators gave rise to this collection. Pioneer of the high--‐end eyewear design, Jean--‐François Rey is recognised by his peers as a true trendsetter. Fascinated by Japan, he opens his own--‐name store in Tokyo and becomes a major ambassador of the French eyewear creation in Japan. Konami’s Hideo Kojima, a famous Japanese genius of the video game, is as for him a serious fan of the brand: he wears and collects J.F.Rey models to the point that he places them on the characters of his games. Guided by the common passion of creation and adventure, they offer an absolutely unique surprise to all fans of the METAL GEAR SOLID Series. Futuristic lines, pallets of oxidized tints and camouflages in the military accents, the models draw from the graphic directory of the game and carefully cultivate the spirit of urban adventurer. The collection comes around twenty--‐one variations selected by Hideo Kojima, including a limited edition with Hideo Gear. The optical line, noticed by its ultra modern design and its impeccable quality, favours the Bluelight technology by using anti--‐blue light glasses: Razor Gear Solid, Razor Gear Light, DD Gear and Hideo Gear models. The DD Gear line is focused on the aesthetics by showing profiled acetate shells and very successful camouflages pattern.

And a special tribute is paid to the creator of METAL GEAR SOLID V as the model he personally wears is declined in the Hideo Gear line. A two sunglasses range completes the collection. Pilot forms of Kaz Gear and strong design shells of Ocelot Gear model impact with their very original camouflage decor on glasses. “ We are extremely delighted to having worked on this collaboration which is unexpected in the high-- end eyewear creation. It’s a new adventure, a wonderful experience as ones we like at J.F.Rey and which would not have been possible without the invaluable contribution of M. Hideo Kojima. This collection pays tribute to him, especially Hideo Gear line that bears his name. We also held that the frames bear the same name of the heroes of the game. We all hope that this collection will really be a great and unique surprise for the gaming community", explains Jean--François Rey.


BLI-DBP (J.F.REY) : Audrey Larbot

audrey.larbot@jfrey.fr // +33 (0)4 91 29 77 50

KONAMI FRANCE : Pierre Ghislandi

pigegh219406@konami.com // +33 (0)6 50 74 50 33